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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 7, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> and safe and sound after being taken away on a stolen boat. find out how two local children got back to dry land.
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that's great news. i'm so relieved. >> her two grandchildren abducted and taken to sea in a stolen sailboat are safe tonight. it is an ordeal that began three days ago. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. they were taken on an odyssey that included a stolen boat. but those two kids, three-year-old brooklyn and devon, just two, are okay while their father is in serious trouble. thomas roman is live in monterey with this developing story. >> reporter: dan, after 72 hours and a lot of nail biting, those two children are back with their mother.
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it happened a little while ago in monterey. the coast guard cuter came into monterey bay was unleashed. the sailboat in which he sailed away with his two-year-old -- with his two children on tuesday. south san francisco police sergeant announced the successful recovery of the children. >> i am glad to announce that devon and brooklyn have been rescued from their three-day ordeal at sea. >> reporter: the coast guard received notice that the boat had been spotted. after launching several craft including two cutters and aircraft, they shadowed the boat until they were able to come close enough to contact christopher. >> we asked to put a team on board and he said that would be fine. >> reporter: back in south san francisco, the children's grandmother was elated to hear that the children were recovered and they were fine. >> it is the best. when i get my two grandchildren i will hug them
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and never let them go. >> reporter: the children appear fine and unharmed. the coast guard and the fbi and several other police agencies including south san francisco police started tracking the sailboat after it was spotted by a fishing vessel off the san mateo coast. now, that police car -- there should be a police car with christopher going back to south san francisco to stand charges for possible kidnapping and other charges at the san francisco -- the south san francisco police wouldn't tell us exactly, but the d.a. has to decide that. it has to be processed and it will be a long night for those investigators. they have to figure out exactly what happens on that boat. they will have more information for us probably tomorrow. reporting live in monterey, thomas roman, abc news. >> thank you. this is not his first brush with the law. a woman living in clear lake says back in 1989 she was assaulted when she lived in the bay area.
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lyanne melendez has that part of the story. >> in 1989, rhonda was working as a park ranger aid at an event known as bicycle sunday in san mateo county. her duty was to keep cars out of the area. that's when straub said she encountered christopher, 20 at the time, who was upset he couldn't get through. >> he jumps out and punching me out and tries to run me over with his truck. i fortunately rolled into my vehicle, and he sped off. i got his license number and i struggled, pregnant at the time. >> reporter: she says she miss carried the next day. at the time she used her married last name, schmidt and sued the san mateo county parks and rec department and received an amount through workers compensation. she now lives in clear lake. straup contacted us after seeing him on the news.
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the san mateo county court confirmed that in 2009mathay was charged with grand theft, but the case was dismissed. abc7 news also obtained a copy of the restraining order. the court granted the order because there was reason to believe he might take the children outside of the u.s. after it was revealed he quit his job, closed his bank account and got rid of his assets and sold his home. the order also points out mathay lived in tie land and had several bank accounts there. >> according to this restraining order, there must be a court hearing on the matter. the judge asked he appear in court two weeks from today. in the newsroom, abc7 news. and more breaking news. in lake county, fire officials have now lifted mandatory evacuation orders. but a wildfire continues to burn out of control. the fire is near the blue lakes area on cow mountain
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west of scott valley road and eight miles east of ukiah. sky 7hd took these remarkable pictures of the flames devouring the brush near lake county. it started this afternoon and burned down 500 acres or so. and on the telephone live is the california department of forest reand spokeswoman julie cooley. julie, are you there? >> i am here. >> the last time i talked with you on the news at 9:00 you told us the flames were moving away from the homes. is that still the case? >> yes, that's still the case. there is still a threat to about 300 residences and 40 out buildings, but there are no evacuations, but it is still a concern. >> the weather is cooperating and the humidity is up and the temperature is down. are you anticipating more firefighters on the line? >> we have lots of resources ordered and coming in as we speak, j just an update on the
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acreage for you. we are up to about 1600 acres and a 5% containment. >> 1600 acres, so that has grown considerably since we last spoke a couple hours ago. thank you, julie. julie cooley with the forest re -- forest redivision. that has exploded to 1600 acres. developing news where a body discovered earlier drew dozens of investigators and raised the question could the remains be that of missing teenager sierra lamar. it was found along highway 101, and that's where ama dates is tonight with the latest on this investigation. ama? >> yes, carolyn, crime scene investigators spent most of the day out here on the scene. and mainly that speculation about whether it could be sierra lamar came from the fact that the sheriff's office was involved. sky 7hd looked down over a
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densly wooded area where a body was found just after 9:00 a.m. >> a passerby was in the area off the 101 here in san benito county. he sees what he believes is a dead body. it is about 100 or feet or so. >> he handles the office and he came in to assist. >> they reached out to us as part of a mutual aid request, not only for additional resources such as csi, but also for spokesmen and media purposes. >> they didn't get the call because of sierra lamar. they are the agency handling the case of the teenager missing from morgan hill since march 16th. they confirm the body is that of a female. sources close to the investigation say it is a young hispanic female, but they do not believe it is lamar. those who live near the spot
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where the body are discovered are not surprised to hear what happened. >> it looks like a good spot because there is nobody around here. last week it was a mattress. there is always something. >> a lot of people hike and ride horses through here. it is right next to the freeway. it is not unlikely that somebody could dump a body and get on the freeway and go. >> and sources tell me it does appear the body was dumped there as opposed to that being where the death actually happened. they do not believe it is sierra lamar. ama dates, abc news. >> thank you. tonight in the east bay police are looking for who ever shot a man to death at a local park. it happened at buchanan park in pittsburgh about 7:00 this evening. police say the male victim was shot near the park's bocce ball court. the park was crowded at the time, and police are interviewing possible witnesses. no suspect or victim descriptions have yet been released. san francisco police are searching for a missing
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teenager. she was last seen on tuesday night leaving her linden street home. they mac could you let -- they say the student did not take her inhaler so if you see her call the police department. a lot more to come. a moment of silence for chp officer kenyan youngstrom. the moving tribute moments before the game at the giants' ballpark. >> and new concern about west nile virus after a fourth person dies in california. >> and then later on "nightline." >> i am cynthia mcfaden. coming up next, she gave birth to her own grandson at age 61. one woman's controversial journey to be her daughter's surrogate. and inside a hidden war between pirates and the american who battle ited them so the high seas.
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of silence for chp officer kenyan youngstrom who was
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gunned down after a traffic stop. it took place before the game. it has touched the bay area and beyond. people are bringing flower tots martinez chp station and generously contributing to a fund for youngstrom's widow and four children. so far $60,000 has been donated. if you would like to make a contribution to officer youngstrom's family visit any wells fargo bank and ask that the funds be contributed to the kenyan youngstrom children's benefit memorial. san jose police released a tape of a brazen daylight carjacking. watch what happens. we have highlighted the video. you can see a woman coming out of her car. police say a man got into the vehicle and put a knife to her throat. the woman tries to flag down another car, but that man nearly hits her driving away. the 70-year-old victim suffered minor injuries. police need your help to capture the people described. they are men in their 20s. two fundraisers took place in lafayette for a college
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student now missing for two and a half days. brett olson disappeared on sunday afternoon near chico. he was taking part in a traditional labor day party on the sacramento river when he became separated from his friends. he was last seen on shore, but they say he had been drinking. a $10,000 reward is now being offered to help find him. west nile virus has claimed its fourth victim of the year in california. an 85-year-old merced county woman died after being infected by the mosquito-born disease last month. it claimed victims in fresno, kern and sacramento counties. all of the victims were over the age of 80. this has been one of the worst years on record for west nile virus, prompting the certain amount of fogging to wipe out mosquitoes. just last night vector control fogged parts of discovery bay. >> campaign 2012 makes the bay area stop this weekend. paul ryan, seen here today, will be the guest of honor at a fundraiser at the danville home of former 49er brent
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jones and his wife. that will be followed by a trip to google headquarters in mountain view for a google plus video pep rally with supporters. tomorrow night ryan will attend a fundraiser in fresno. flash flooding almost cost a truck driver his life. it happened when his truck got stuck in the mud. the driver had to climb on to the roof of the vehicle when rushing water slowly and then suddenly washed the truck into midstream. look at this. the rescue team used an aerial ladder and ropes to secure the truck and driver and then rescued him on the raft as you can see. the operation took about two hours. it was quite tense. thunderstorms dumped as much as two inches of rain on the phoenix area. >> just remarkable images. a very different situation for us here weather wise. >> very different indeed. sandhya patel is here. >> picture perfect weather. they are flooded with the rain due to the monsoon moisture in the phoenix area. we are flooded with sunshine. look at our live doppler 7hd
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right now. fog is trying to get closer, but it is being shy. skies are clear, but that fog will close in on the coastline later tonight and heading into tomorrow morning. the temperatures at this hour in the 50s and 60s. antioch is 71 degrees. today's highs in many areas came up a few degrees. upper 80s inland and low 60s coast side. we will bump those numbers up a few more degrees for your saturday. coastal fog overnight. another warm day bayside and inland, and then the cooling begins on sunday. here are your low temperatures as you head out the door. add an extra layer. it will be a cool start. upper 40s to about the mid50s at best. you know the nights are getting longer and it is getting cooler. area of low pressure is retro grading. it is allowing the ridge to nudge northward, and that means temperatures will climb a few more degrees for your saturday. let's start your forecast animation. with the fog locally inland, it pulls away and burns off.
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coastal areas will get into the 60s. inland communities are into the 90s. it is a wide range of conditions for the upcoming weekends. summertime microclimate, we call them the summer spread, we are expecting it for your saturday. if you are tempted to head to the beach, watch out is what the national weather service is saying. there is a beach hazard late tonight and through sunday, and it is saying northwesterly swells are generated from a distance. they have increased the strong rip currents around the beaches. they will be the ones affected, so just be careful. never turn your back on the wave. it is just a reminder for you. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay, a warm day, 80 in campbell and lots of sunshine on the peninsula. 75 in palo alto and 73 san mateo. comfortable in the low 60s. downtown san francisco 66 degrees. the sunset district 61. in the north bay you will see 60 at bodega bay and low 90s
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around ukiah, clear lake. 83 in santa rosa. 80 for new san rafael. head out toward the east bay. san leandro 73, 72 in oaknd la. a mild afternoon in dark dash in oakland. 75 degrees. inland communities on the warm side. 89 in danville. 90 in fairfield. , antioch, livermore, monterey bay, beautiful day. 63 in caramel. 88 in morgan hill. the wine festival is happening this weekend. and it is going to be picture perfect weather. patchy fog and mid50s. warming up by noon in the upper 60s. by 4:00 p.m. mid70s, and then breezy and clear by 7:00 p.m. and dropping by the low 60s. tomorrow it is a warmer day. sunday slightly cooler. the cooling continues in land on monday. but a reversal on tuesday. by thursday, friday, we are getting you into the mid-nineties inland and mid60s coast side. gorgeous weather ahead. >> looks terrific. coming up next, the recall
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of public health is expanding its recall of red vine candy made in a union production center in addition to black liccorice center. they warn that these other products could have more than the allowable amount of lead. added to the recall now family mix, mixed bites, snaps and black liccorice twists. the bags have expiration dates of february 2013. eating the candy could lead to twice the allowable daily amount of lead in children. it turns out red wine may be better for you without the alcohol. researchers in spain found red wine does a great job at reducing high blood pressure in men when the alcohol is removed. the study finds that anti-objection dents and alcohol just -- anti--oxidents
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and alcohol don't mix well. they use it to cut down on blood pressure and even can selling out the benefits. if you have ever wanted to see the space shuttle in person, now is your chance. nasa is transporting the space shuttle endeavor from florida's kennedy space center to a museum in los angeles, its new permanent home. and during its journey, the endeavor will do low-level fly officers past urban areas across the country. on thursday, september 20th, the shuttle will pass over moffet field and and it will also go over san francisco and other cities in the state as well. stay tuned for the details of the exact time the fly officers will take place. we will let you know so you can step outside. it is strange to see it on top of the building. >> what's going on? the shuttle. >> it is huge. it is massive. sports. >> i am easily entertained.
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where would the giants be without marco scootero. don't even think about that. they wouldn't be in first place. mr. clutch does it again against the dodgers. sports is next.
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good evening. how do you spell clutch some cs-c-u-t-o-r-o. they are opening a huge series with a victory on orange friday at at&t park. sold out as always. dodgers get to tim lincecum and it is a bobble and they get kemp at first. giants tied it and a base knock off beckett and in comes crawford. timmy all over the plate. a career high seven walks with two outs in the 6th.
11:29 pm
adam kennedy, his second homer of the wreer. of the year. kennedy goes from hero to zero. oh he missed it. under his hand there as he tries to bear hand. pagan scores to make it 2-2. mr. clutch with a little flare and a little bloop. giants beat the dodgers 5-2, and now lead l.a. by five and a half games in the west as time is running out for the season. felix hernandez top of the first and this is a little bloop that gets past him. it is 1-0a's. in the fourth and aloha and deep into the night. three-run bomb and 4-1 athletics. five innings and struck out seven. he is 5 and 0 on the season. josh donaldson and down the line.
11:30 pm
brandon moss home. a's win it 6-1 and they hold the top wild card spot in the al. they are half a game up on baltimore. in retirement, don nelson has at least a half dozen business ventures going on on the island of mow we. it was all about hoops. don nelson spent 31 years on the bench. nobody in nba history has won more games than his 1335. he had two stints with golden state. one of two new members. he talked about his introduction into the game as a kid on a farm. >> my uncle walt bought a basket and basketball and put it up in the chicken yard, and he didn't really know how tall it was supposed to be so put it up 11 feet. he thought that looked right. i started shooting on a basket 11 feet tall. >> it is supposed to be 10 feet. women's semifinal serena williams a jugger not, has yet to lose a set in new york.
11:31 pm
the ace opened the highlights with a backhand winner to take the opening set. serena closing in style with the ace. 6-1 and 6-2 as serena powers into tomorrow's final. she will meet the top seed who rallied from a set down to defeat a frustrated sharapova in three sets. match point and 3-6, 6-2 and 6-power. 6-4. only one and nine head to head with serena williams. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino 1k3* football is back -- and football is back. the 49ers at lambeau field to take on the packers in a huge game. the raiders hosting the chargers on monday night. >> "nightline" is up next. >> for larry beil and sandhya patel. thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. have a great weekend.
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